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"innovative fabrics.. to help to regulate your body temperature and keep you looking fabulous on the dancefloor this party season." Gok Wan, This Morning 4 December Box pleat silky skirt and crewneck longsleeve top

Long sleeve dress with Gold bar "this dress withThinHeat technology will keep you warm" - Sunday Mirror 7 Dec 2014

"this skirt is perfect, made with breathable fibres...plus it's totally stylish" Yellow Sunray Pleat Skirt  Now magazine

Yellow Sunray Pleat Skirt  - "This pleated wonder is on our summer must have list." OK magazine
"go casual cool in HotSquash" -  Daily Mail 
"HotSquash's CoolFresh collection uses high tech fabrics designed to keep you cool" My Weekly

Style Magazine, The Sunday Times feature the Yellow Sunray Pleat Skirt, 11 June 2014 

"Shine in the sun, wearing bright brilliant colour...HotSquash" (The Express Magazine, 21 June 2014). Full page featuring HotSquash's Crepe T-shirt with pintuck detail and Wrap Skirt). 

The Telegraph's 'Stella Loves' feature Cobalt Sunray Pleat Skirt, 22 June 2014

Daily Mail feature the HotSquash V Cross over Maxi Dress, 11 June 2014

ITVs This Morning featured HotSquash stripes, 23 May 2014

OK! Magazine feature the HotSquash Grey Striped Boatneck Top, 14 May 2014 

Kaye Adam's wears HotSquash Abstract Ruched Dress on ITV's Loose Women, 12 May 2014

Daily Express "This Week's must have" full page feature on HotSquash's Smarty Pants and Blazer, 22 March 2014

Look no further than HotSquash. Flattering shapes, quality fabrics and contemporary edge. Based on innovative textiles that help regulate your body temperature”. (Daily Mail, 24 February 2014)

Guardian Fashion Blob by the Invisible Women, January 2014 "I've been pleasantly surprised by my Hotsquash. It's light, feels lovely and dries in next to no time and yet it is also cosy – at last, a tech fabric I like." Click here to read

OK! Magazine, December 2013 feature our Gathered Shoulder Dress: "Look hot for all the right reasons with this clever day dress with genius new technology that regulates your body temperature while keeping you cool and stylish in the sun"

Daily Express, Stylist Magazine (featured the Pleat Top), Zest, Daily Mail (featured the Striped Boatneck Top) & Red Magazine during October & November 2013

ITV This Morning, 31 May 2013, feature the Deluxe Shirt (click here). “HotSquash is an innovative brand that keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter... Very fashionable pieces”. (Faye Sawyer on This Morning)

The Times (Saturday Magazine), 11 May 2013, Hilary Rose talks about our pleat front blouse

Woman & Home, June 2013 ("Must-have label HotSquash makes clever clothing that really works for you. Designed & made in the UK, their two collections, "warm" and "cool", use fabric with hidden technology that works with your body to keep you at ease on hot days or snug when the chillier months set in").

Mail on Sunday reviews HotSquash (see opposite or read online), 21 April 2013

Boris Johnson visits HotSquash London Factory, February 2013

Emerald Street, April 2013 ("HotSquash makes thermal fashion. Not saggy-kneed long johns – we are talking elegant dresses, tailored trousers and versatile tops....")

Guardian, November 2012 & January 2013 ("Now, "thermal" is not a word that usually conjures up images of style and sophistication when it comes to clothing, but HotSquash might single-handedly change this view." Guardian's review of the Button Detail Top).

Telegraph, 2 January 2013, feature our Smarty Pants

Good Housekeeping, February 2013 (Linda Gray feature "I've been able to abandon two of my usual four layers...The HotSquash slogan is 'look hot, feel warm' and I reckon it delivers on both counts".)

Stylist feature Twist Strap Vest and Knee High Socks, January 2013

Observer Magazine, October 2012 (HotSquash has the "'chic-est ever thermals')

Daily Mail, 13 October 2012, feature new Stripey Socks

TimeOut, 12-18 July 2012, feature Roll Sleeve Shirt ("Some cool threads: Handy fashion line HotSquash is made from 'advanced fabrics' that keep you cool, wick away sweat & minimise odour, all while office-friendly").

Hello Magazine, 8 July 2012, Matt Dawson's wife, Carolin, in her HotSquash twist strap vest

Daily Express, 21 June 2012, Claire Brayford wearing a HotSquash Easy Elegance Top

Zest, July 2012

Reveal Magazine, 29 May 2012, feature our Drape & Twist Top ("the perfect work-to-play top and the fabric has special technology in it to keep you cool or warm depending on the weather. Magic!")

Women's Fitness, June 2012

At Home, 25 May 2012 ("Hot Squash is a brilliant brand with inbuilt technology")

Sunday Times, 13 May 2012

Elle, June 2012 

Women's Health, June 2012

Cosmopolitan, May 2012 (see opposite)

Sainsbury Magazine, May 2012, 'Bright Ideas' (see opposite)

Scotland on Sunday, March 2012, Spectrum Magazine reviewed HotSquash and featured our Nehru Collar Top.

Stella Magazine ("Stella Loves") featured our Everyday Goddess Top.

The Telegraph reviewed the HotSquash brand and featured our Keyhole Top.

Daily Express 'Cold Snap Chic' feature HotSquash

InStyle featured our Soft Drape Cardigan & Waterfall Top.

Red Online featured our Little bit of Luxe Top.

Sky Living featured our Soft Drape Cardigan.

"British company HotSquash is the newest kid on the thermal block, bringing a softer, more sophisticated style to winter warmth - and the best bit? They design CLOTHES." Sarah McGiven, Huffiningtonpost

“Firstly thank you sooooo much again for the HotSquash pieces, I can’t tell you how amazing they are.” (Good Housekeeping)

"I am wearing your top as I write, and it's great. I think your smarty pants trousers are FAB, too. Well done." (Rachel Johnson, The Lady). Flutter Top featured in The Lady (12/2011)

Drapers Record feature on HotSquash and our Head Designer (16/12/2011)

Lots of pieces on award winning and popular blogs, including Diary of a Clothes Horse ('Don't be left out in the cold" with HotSquash); Posh Fashion ("HotSquash: New womenswear label and online store"), Jacquelineluxe ('Stay Warm This Winter'); Emily Jayne's Blog ("from an attractiveness point of view I really liked it....HotSquash solves that annoying layering/getting too hot/getting too cold issue."), The Online Stylist (“I think Hotsquash have a fantastic concept here – the pieces are stylish and functional with an all important comfort factor which, I don’t know about you, but sometimes that’s all I need."); ReallyRee (“And what I really like is to not to wear too much bulk under something as big as this – because after all, this coat is HUGE!!"); (Mostly) Yummy Mummy ("I absolutely loved this top"); All About You (feature Smarty Pants), So Sue Me, Elle Belle ("I'm stocking up on HotSquash for the year ahead!"), Domestic Sluttery

“London Mums tried some items of a new fashion label, HotSquash. The first reaction has been a WOW! .” (Monica Costa, Founder, London Mums, a network of 10,000 mums).

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" OOH! Love!" (@laurenlaverne)
"such a clever idea! I wore my  yesterday x" 

"My tee today ) is by . It's made of something clever to stop you getting it hot. It works. Weird witchcraft!"  

"I'm more than a little excited about " (@misspurdeygirl)

"Baby it's cold outside...I'm feeling chilly! just got a message about and think I'm gonna buy the whole collection and warm up!! (@)

"Check out this amazing fashion label HotSquash" (@SoSueMe.ie)

"Really interested in this  clothing" (@sarahs_scribble) 

"I love the concepts!!! I will be watching your tweets closely from now on!" (@)

"New innovative womenswear label, launches this September." (Fashion Insight)

"Just had a look at the website. Finally a brand that understands style being comfy. Beautiful collection - bravo." (@Chocoralie)

so simple and chic xx" (ChicFantastique Michaela Deasy-Smith)

"Loved our sneak peak at yesterday... need a certain dress already!" (Tusting)
"Thought thermals were unsexy? Think again." @ 
"Get ready for comfort and style from their innovative clothing! (TheStyleColumn)

.... sounds really cool xxx" (MsDriftedSW Maria - Beauty FTW)