Banish the Blues With These Gorgeous Hues

With Blue Monday upon us and everything feeling a bit bluurgh at the moment, why not skim through these beautiful Blues and focus on the positives!


With theimplementation of lockdown, travelling to traditional tourist coastal spots around the world reduced considerably in 2020. This led to cleaner beaches and seawaters with less pollution from swimming, speedboats and cruise ships. The world marvelled at the clearness of the Venice canals in summer 2020 and wildlife such as swans, fish and seabirds returned to the previously prohibitively busy waters.



The lockdowns taking place all over the world have created a huge reduction in industrial, traffic and air travel pollution. The pandemic really has cleaned the skies. Airplane travel adds up to about 5% of global warming, so while the drop in flights might only be temporary for now, it certainly is giving our planet the chance to breathe.



They announced in December 2020 they may be reforming to mark their 20th anniversary once the pandemic restrictions ease. Not everyone may think this is a positive (!) 


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