Bird watching: A bright spot in the lockdown landscape!

With little road traffic and a reduced number of pedestrians, some rather extraordinary feathery visitors have visited UK gardens alongside the usual suspects. See below for images of birds taken in London during lockdown 3. Why not pick up bird-watching as a new hobby? It requires no equipment, can be done from the comfort of your home or a garden.

And as for the birds…

Our graphic designer Ana lives in a leafy area of North London, a mere 10 minute walk from HotSquash’s office. Most of our staff members live locally. She has always been fascinated by the birds and once considered a career in ornithology. While working from home, Ana discovered that a number of unusual birds spiced have appeared in the area and decided to document the experience. See below for a few of her images:

❶ The greedy wood pigeon. A local pigeon otherwise afraid to approach homes in Barnet, indulging in orange berries


❷ A hungry herron. Ana’s neighbours have a small fountain in from of the house where they keep fish. Recently, a hungry heron first sat on the nearby house’s rooftop, then proceeded to closely observe the fish from the edge of the fountain. It is highly likely he sought something that day.


❸ The lazy woodpecker. The bird feeder has proven rather popular in the last few months. Between blue tits and sparrows, one day appeared a woodpecker. Ana confirms it makes the characteristic drumming sound.


❹ Squeaky ring-neck parakeets. Although their natural habitat is India, ring-neck parakeets have found home in many of Western Europe’s countries, from Germany to the UK. They tend to no longer be an unusual site in larger cities such as London or Amsterdam. Ana frequently observes her squeaky friends from her window and recommends a trip to Kensington Park gardens where you can hand-fed the birds!


Kite on patrol. Since the traffic is practically non-existent in Ana’s area, a bird of prey has been seen on a number of occasions gracefully patrolling the air. 



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