Fancy a Sofa & Film / BoxSet night? We’ve got just the thing!

Between the weather and the various states of lockdown that the UK is currently experiencing, there’s bound to be some sofa and boxset nights coming up in your life, so here are our recommendation for a cosy night in.

Svetlana recommends “The Big Bang Theory or Friends, because you can never go wrong with an old favourite. Just add Pyjamas, a big pair of socks, a nice blanket to snuggle under and I’m set for the night!” 


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Jenny said “It has to be Schitts Creek, it’s the only thing my husband and I could agree on! On first sight it looks like a frothy, pointless programme full of vacuous, vain characters but slowly develops into a very sweet love story. As one of my friends said she will never be able to hear "Simply the Best" without crying.”

Jenny’s Slouch n Glam Trousers are her loungewear of choice as she can have tissues in the pockets, ready for the teary scenes.

For Liz it’s got to be the American Version of Shameless. “It’s funny but also raises serious issues surrounding race, parenting, homelessness, equality, addiction. Plus, you’re guaranteed to feel that you’re actually doing OK in life after watching all the difficulties these characters get into! I’m currently living in our new Crepe Luxe-Lounge Trousers as they’re so comfy. Just add a vest and sweater and I’m set for a day at my desk and a night on the sofa!”

Graphic Designer Ana says: “I prefer a film to a Boxset, anything with Harrison Ford in gets my vote, from Indiana Jones to Star Wars and Blade Runner; I’ll happily watch him on repeat! For lounging at home, I put some leggings on under my Maxi Dress and add a jumper. I want to be comfortable, but I also want to just chuck on my chunky boots and nip to the shop for snacks if I fancy them!”

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