Go Green


Here at HotSquash we care about the environment and using energy in the most efficient way! Our beautiful pieces of clothing are produced in London and only travel a teeny way to our warehouse before being sent out to all of our fantastic customers! Our carbon footprint is a baby step compared to other ladies’ fashion brands in the UK, to ensure our impact on the environment is minimal!

There are many ways we can all go green and live healthier lifestyles to positively impact our day-to day lives as well as others around us!

Our HotSquash team have put together some top tips to get you on the green road to greatness…

- Ditch the car - as the weather is getting warmer and the sun makes an appearance, ditch the car and take a walk to your destination to get those legs working and reduce your carbon emission or if your journey is beyond walking distance cycle! Boris bikes are great for Central London exploring.

- Recycle - If you haven’t already been separating your plastics from your glass tut tut, now is the time to ensure you start!

- Turn off lights when you leave a room and importantly switch off your computer, tablet or any other devices overnight.

- Buy a reusable water bottle and ditch the plastic ones.

- Support local businesses - especially local restaurants and local farmers shops - the journey your food makes to your plate is something to consider

- Start your daily routine with some simple stretches and a large glass of water, try adding a slice of lemon for a kick!

- If you have no intention of embracing veganism, try reducing your meat intake to once or twice a week and experiment with vegetables - aubergine and pulses like lentils and chick-peas are great alternatives to meat!

- We are what we eat after all so ensure you bring in more fruit and vegetables to your daily diet!

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