HotSquash Team Reveal Their Ideal Mother's Day….


Liz (Operations Director):

I go against the grain in that I prefer my breakfast at the table rather than in bed (preferably after a looooong lie-in!). So my husband gets up with the children & supervises them making coffee & toast, accompanied by hand-made cards & flowers!

On a perfect day, the sun would be shining & we'd meet up with my sister for Afternoon Tea. Unfortunately, my mother passed away in her 50s, so my sister & I tend to spend mother's day together with our better halves & children.

We'll all scoff loads of sandwiches, scones, cake & fizz (for the grown-ups), followed by a walk in the sunshine & possibly an afternoon snooze; bliss!

Selina (Garment Technologist):

My ideal Mother's Day would be breakfast in bed made by my three children followed by a family day out at the park feeding the ducks and afternoon tea.

Finished off with lovely English roast made by my husband and children with all the washing up done.

A day where Mum can have a proper rest from duty and the rest of the family do the running around!

Darren (Our CEO reveals what Mother's Day means to him and his family):

My mum has 4 grown up kids in their 40's (I have 2 brothers and sisters).

Her perfect Mother's Day was in 2017 when she received a phone call from her forgetful kids first thing in the morning (without calling them) and being taken out to the Ritz for cream tea by all 4 of us. The Ritz is a fantastic venue for a very grown-up Mother's Day with delicious cakes, scones and tea, highly recommended.

My mum's worst Mother's Day is her children forgetting to call her in the morning and she calls us (worse still to get our voicemails)

Leila (Operations Manager):

Oooh the perfect Mother's Day would be a very long lie-in to start with, followed by my two sons joining me for cuddles, accompanied by fresh coffee and croissants and of course home-made Mother's Day cards!

Following our epic lie-in and breakfast, we would meet up with my mum and go for a nice long lazy stroll through Hadley Woods, stopping by the pond to feed the ducks and then a late lunch at Carluccio's.

My children would of course be on their best behaviour and so Mummy would be very relaxed and we’d all have a lovely day!

Zoulla (Warehouse Manager):

My ideal Mother's Day is one where the words ‘peace’ and ‘quiet’ are the mood of the day!

I would get my children in the kitchen helping prep the veg for our lovely family roast dinner

I would invite my mother-in-law over so we can all be together.

It would essentially be a lovely happy day with everyone getting along!

Svet (Garment Technologist):

My ideal Mother's Day is one where I can fully relax and be waited on!

My husband would look after our little one and serve me food and drinks all day, and I would lie comfortably on the sofa, relaxing and watching my favourite shows!

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