How to Stay Warm Working from Home.

With the weather taking a turn & people being advised to work from home, nobody wants their heating bills to sky-rocket. So HotSquash have put some handy hints together for staying warm (& comfortable) whilst still stylish during this period.

1. Thermal clothes are fantastic for this time of year (but we would say that wouldn’t we?!) Luckily, the thermal clothes that HotSquash make aren’t like those that your Grandmother used to wear; check out our full range of temperature regulating clothes here.

2. Hot Water Bottles aren’t just for night time. Pop one on your lap for hours of warmth & without ruining your Zoom look!

3.Heated Clothes Rails If you’re thinking of investing in a heated clothes airer, now is the time! With line-drying out of the question, a heated clothes dryer is generally considered a cheaper & more environmentally friendly way to dry your clothes than tumble drying. If you use it in the same room as you’re working in, it will also keep the room warm.

4. Fingerless Gloves plus a blanket over your legs will keep you feeling cosy, without the need for turning the heating on/up.

5.Thermal Socks if your feet feel cold then the rest of you will as well. HotSquash produce “Thinsulating” socks which give the warmth of big fluffy socks without the additional bulk. These means your feet will stay warmer than in regular socks, but you can still wear your regular slippers, boots & shoes with them. Click here to see the full range.