Look Good, Speak Good, Feel Good….

With all the information bombarding us on a daily basis, it can be tough sometimes knowing what advice or tips to follow and what to ignore!

We all want to feel good and exude positivity, and know that a balance of healthy eating and exercise is good for us, but what about the power of language and positive affirmations or tricks to the brain to improve our mood?

Here at Hotsquash we thought it would be good to explore this further, and with it being World Storytelling Day on the 20th March and World Poetry Day on the 21st March (officially the first day of Spring) we thought what better time to enter the new Season armed with positive words and tips to help kick-start our daily routines!

Recent studies have shown that it is possible to trick the brain in a good way by a few simple actions we can all try:

  1. Smile-trick the brain - If you’ve had a rubbish day and are not feeling very positive, try forcing yourself to smile for at least 30 seconds, this physical action tricks the brain into thinking you are happy and automatically releases a chemical in the brain which makes you feel lifted and upbeat! “Even forcing a fake smile can legitimately reduce stress and lower your heart rate,” adds Dr. Sivan Finkel, a cosmetic dentist at NYC’s The Dental Parlour.

  2. Daily positive affirmation declarations - Waking up not feeling very motivated or a bit down in the dumps can be a regular thing in this busy modern life, instead of waking up and thinking ‘I’m tired’ or ‘I wish I could sleep longer’ or even ‘I really can’t be bothered today’ try changing your internal script to more positive declarations such as, ‘I am healthy’ or ‘I am grateful for another day’ or even more empowering ‘Today is going to be a great day.’ Repeat your mantra throughout the course of the day and see how you feel!

  3. Make a grateful list - Make a daily list of 3 things you are grateful for, could be as simple as being grateful for the sunshine, or being grateful for your family, friends, or your health! If we actually think about it there are so many things to be grateful for, this list helps remind us of that and in turn boosts our mood! Yes please!

To celebrate the beauty and power of words, the Hotsquash team have selected an inspiring poem that is perfect for a daily positive affirmation!

Believe in yourself and in your dream

Though impossible things may seem

Someday, somehow you'll get through

To the goal you have in view

Mountains fall and seas divide

Before the one who in his stride

Takes a hard road day by day

Sweeping obstacles away

Believe in yourself and in your plan

Say not - I cannot - but, I can

The prizes of life we fail to win

Because we doubt the power within

-Ragia Sayed

So we have done our positive affirmations, we’ve completed our daily stretches, drank plenty of water, all we need now is something bright and beautiful to wear!