Lounge-Wear Jersey Skirts


Jo Elvin (@jo_elvin Editor of You Magazine & Former editor of Glamour) did a really fun podcast this week with Lisa Snowdon (@Lisa_snowdon) on lockdown life. It included pearls of wisdom on 11am Tequila shots, body-hair growth and fashion during isolation.

LISTEN HERE (please note there is a small amount of swearing during the podcast). 


If these issues have affected you, don’t worry, we can help! Our Jersey skirts have comfortable elasticated waists, pockets (as who doesn’t love a pocket!) and come in a midi & maxi length (perfect for when hair removal has got too messy, as it did for Lisa!)

They also look stylish, to help you look presentable for those unscheduled zoom calls.

“I’ve been thinking about my outfits… to separate the work day from the home day.” Jo Elvin

 “Put nice clothes on… can help to lift your mood” – Lisa Snowdon

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