Party Season is Back on! Discounts on Partywear!

Dear HotSquash customer,

Designing clothes has always involved a bit of future prediction; we must decide what women will want to wear next season and the season after. However, it is the garments that you are buying today which give us an interesting insight into what is happening in the world. We could tell you, for example, if the sun is shining without looking outside. A quick glance at how many summer dresses we’ve sold will tell us if it’s warm or not. When the colder weather comes on, we (understandably) see a spike in our thermal collection. When it’s wedding season, we sell a LOT of lace. As you can imagine at the start of lockdown, everyone stopped buying Occasion wear, so it’s been really interesting to see that party dresses have started to sell again. It may be all doom and gloom on the news but believe us when we say that people are celebrating again (or at the very least they are planning to). This has given us hope that whilst things are difficult now, fun times are on the horizon and hopefully we’ll all be partying together again soon.

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Love The HotSquash Team x