Recipe for the perfect outfit!


HotSquash are aware that we’ve had a lot of new sign-ups to our email newsletters recently, so thanks for joining us! You may have signed up due to interest in our new Luxe-Lounge collection, it may be that in these difficult times you are looking to support fashion companies who design and make their clothes in the UK. Whatever the reason we welcome you to the HotSquash family. As a small British company, we’ve managed to keep afloat during 2020 by sticking to the recipe we’ve always used, the ingredients for that are laid out below.



HotSquash design classic clothes that are:

  • Stylish (that’s got to be top of the list, right?)
  • Machine-Washable (no trips to the dry-cleaners needed!)
  • Crease-Resistant (keep that ironing pile low!)
  • Temperature-Regulating (because who knows what the UK weather will throw at us?)
  • Quick-Drying (because washing-line weather won’t last forever!)
  • Made in LONDON (ensuring high-quality with low environmental impact)

We believe that fashion should be comfortable, practical, and flattering. It’s a simple recipe but it works for us, hopefully you’ll find it works for you as well! Click here to shop.


The HotSquash Team x