Stuff your face not your waistband



‘Tis the season for over-indulgence & whilst the scales may not be heading in the direction you’d like, your style still can.

HotSquash design for every woman. We understand that the average woman’s weight fluctuates over the course of each month & allow for this in our designs. 

All the female staff at HotSquash wear our designs & feedback on fit; many of us are between the traditional UK sizes (let’s be honest, how many of us really hit exact standard measurements every day of the year?)

This is key to ensuring that our new & existing designs fit & flatter real women, rather than just fit models whose job it is to maintain specific measurements.

As a result, your favourite HotSquash dress will still flatter you whether it’s after an Xmas day indulgence or a New Year’s detox.


Wideleg Jumpsuit

Next customer review “Loved the jumpsuit , fit was excellent”

WAS £115

NOW £82





Wrap Dress, Debenhams customer review:

“Love how you can tie the dress up tight and loosen it if you have a big meal!”

WAS £71

NOW £89