The HotSquash Guide to Surviving the Party Season!

Party Season Has Arrived!

It’s time to shake off those winter blues and get your wardrobe buzzing again with colour, sparkles, and sequins! 

Party Season can be daunting enough with invitations flooding in, dashing from the office to the party venue, getting the right outfit prepped and ensuring make-up suits each setting!

Our range of party-wear will have you looking like an A-list Celeb without the designer price-tag - just be sure to let the venue know to lay out the red-carpet when you arrive!


The HotSquash Guide to Surviving the Party Season

The Party Season can take its toll on our health and can feel like one long hangover, here’s our guide to surviving the endless social events at this busy time of year: 

Ginseng: Congrats on making it into the office after a night of drinking.  Feeling awful, slumped over our desks can make a day at work feel like a never-ending barrage of bright screens and spreadsheets! To combat that feeling, ensure you have some Ginseng at hand, one of the world’s best known energy tonics, which will boost your mood, give you a natural energy-lift and enhance performance! 

Epsom Salts: You’ve made it home, yet your body feels like you’ve gone 10 rounds with Tyson after last night’s antics of heavy drinking and dancing to 100 Abba songs.  Treat yourself to a steaming bath of Epsom Salts, a great detoxifier - hot water draws toxins out of the body, a process intensified by the salts, which will work your sweat glands. In the morning you’ll feel fantastic and raring to go! Caution - avoid Epsom Salts if you have high blood pressure or a heart condition.

Detox Juice: This time of year is a good time to invest in a juicer, daily fresh squeezed juice is a fantastic way to up your vitamin intake and boost your immune system. 

For a truly energising, detoxifying antidote to all that partying, try beetroot, celery, carrot, apple and ginger as your mood-boosting pick-me-up drink to start the day!