Wedding Guests - What to Wear

Wedding Season has kicked off in all its glory, the Bride and Groom have their special outfits ready, the venue has been booked and the invites sent out! 

As that pretty invitation lands in your letterbox, the first thought many women will have is;

What am I going to wear!?

Fear not!

The style gurus here at HotSquash have hand-picked the perfect selection of outfits for you to choose from, from delectable embroidered floral designs to bright, bold, jumpsuits to luscious lace dresses, whatever your body shape or preference we have the wedding guest outfit for you!

Jumpsuits have always been an option for some but are finally having their own moment in the limelight! The perfect stylish yet comfortable outfit for any wedding guest. We have been busy designing jumpsuits that not only stand-out but also flatter the female form in all its variations, with our special fabric that hugs all the right places!

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