Will you be having a Chinese New Year?

If you’re looking forward to post-lockdown times and what you’ll be wearing in a vaccinated world, you might want to use these times to think about where those clothes will come from. If you purchase from brands like All Saints, Boden, Cos, Uniqlo etc you’ve probably seen the “Made in China” labels within their garments and we’re sure you recognise that the reason they manufacture there is to benefit from cheap production and increase their bottom line.

The clothing industry is big business and of course they want to make a profit. We at HotSquash also have a viable business model, but we take less profit for ourselves to ensure we create employment within the UK, pay British taxes, living wages and reduce environmental impact of transportation by producing in London, just a few miles from our warehouse.

We are embracing the Chinese Year of the Ox by having the strength of our convictions, even within these tough financial times, to pay more than other companies to produce our clothes, knowing that neither the workers who make them nor the environment they’re made in will be exploited.
Here’s a few examples of our beautiful British-made garments:


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Love, The HotSquash Team X