Zoom Fatigue? Hints & Tips for 2021

 If the mere mention of a video call makes your blood run cold, follow our top tips (based on HotSquash’s staff experience) to help you get through.

❶ Remind your father-in-law he needs to be wearing trousers BEFORE the call begins. Camera positioning may not be the older generation’s forte.


❷ Turn off your “fun” zoom background before your business call; what works for “wine-Wednesdays” may not be equally suitable for the share-holders meeting.


❸ Mute yourself when you’re not talking. It helps to prevent your pets/children/housemates from unwittingly contributing to the call.


❹ Remember to unmute yourself when talking (your excellent point will not seem so excellent if you look like a French mime whilst delivering it).


❺ Check what in your room appears on your screen pre-call. You may be oblivious to your fridge magnets spelling out an unsavoury word, but you can guarantee someone else will spot it.


❻ Ensure your wardrobe has stylish, non-iron tops, so you always have something suitable to wear. To choose from a selection of HotSquash crease-resistant clothing click here.



Our Crepe Tie Neck Top is perfect for video calls and currently has over 20% off!


A bright coloured top will help to brighten up your look and help ensure the focus is on you.


Lastly and most importantly, remember not every call needs to be answered. If you don’t feel like talking to Aunty Ethel, you don’t have to and sometimes, you might want to chat but without the video streaming and that’s ok too.