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The Science Bit: Hidden Technology

We design stylish clothes that fit your busy life, so you'll always feel your best when wearing them. Our temperature-controlling technology keeps your body cool or toasty warm, your clothes odour free, and needs minimum effort to maintain (your ironing pile low or non-exsistent).


How Our Clothes Work:

Our unique fabrics are some of the most advanced in the world. Hollow-core technology fibres react to your body temperature (like double-glazing on a house) keeping you either cool or toasty warm, they also thrive on low maintenance. Our temperature-controlling fabrics use HotSquash’s unique ThinHeat ® and CoolFresh ® technologies. Please click any of the sub sections below for more information. Alternatively sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with news and special offers.

What the Press are saying...

"Thermal" is not a word that usually conjures up images of style and sophistication when it comes to clothing, but HotSquash might single-handedly change this view." The Guardian

Lorraine: “It is cold and there is that horrible dilemma of what to wear on a night out ..” Kat: “Worry no more! A company called HotSquash have released a brilliant new collection, which has built-in thermal technology. So instead of putting on your grey horrible thermals – look at this!! (holds up blue lace dress)” Lorraine: “It’s in the frock? So if you are going out in the evening or keep warm you can wear that..” Kat: “Absolutely” ITV LORRAINE

 “HotSquash is an innovative brand that keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter... Very fashionable pieces”. ITV's This Morning

“The clever designers at HotSquash have created a range of clothes that not only look great, but feel great too. Made from fabrics that regulate your temperature, they will keep you warm when you’re cool and cool when you’re warm.” Daily Express

HotSquash "makes clothes that not only look great but also keep you warm." Daily Mail

"Must-have label HotSquash makes clever clothing that really works for you. Designed & made in the UK, their two collections, "warm" and "cool", use fabric with hidden technology that works with your body to keep you at ease on hot days or snug when the chillier months set in". Woman & Home

Fabrics, technology and sustainability

Why is HotSquash different?

We believe we are unique; no one else offers cotton-touch, on-trend clothes using the technologies we do.

What are HotSquash fabrics made from?

Most of them are 'next generation' man-made fabrics, or a mix of man-made and natural fibres. This means they're soft, luxurious and breathable, and can do things like regulate your temperature. There's also good evidence that they're better for the environment as most can be recycled, are long lasting, can be washed on a low heat, require little to no ironing and don't need tumble drying, so they use less energy.

What is the hidden technology in your fabrics?

Our clothing uses our unique ThinHeat ® and CoolFresh® technologies. These technical fabrics are able to do various things that traditional fabrics can't, including keeping you toasty warm or cool (hollow core technology react to your body temperature) and thriving on low maintenance. They are proven safe technologies, subjected to stringent tests, including tests for allergens.

Are your clothes sustainable? And where are they made?

All of our clothing thrives on low maintenance and easycare (wash on low, no tumble drying is required as they are fast drying, fabric is crease-resistent & requires little if any ironing). Every garment we make goes through a long and rigorous quality process.

Most of our fabrics are bespoke and made specifically to meet our requirements. They are made in partnership with European Mills where salaries are above minimum wage. The factories we use are in the UK, helping to sustain UK manufacturing, providing jobs in and around London and keeping shipping miles to a minimum. 

Very Clever Fabric - more Science

HotSquash's temperature controlling technology keeps you Cool or Toasty Warm. The fabrics are also anti-odour and quick drying.

We promise our Clever clothes will:

 Regulate your temperature. 

Hollow core technology reacts to your body temperature keeping you either Cool or Toasty Warm. NASA, sports professionals & chefs use this technology. HotSquash has therefore developed lovely soft touch fashion fabrics so you can look & feel fantastic. For more details on the thermal & cooling side please read below.


 Minimise clamminess with breathable fibres and whisk away moisture much quicker than wool or cotton.

The larger surface area of the special four channel fibres allow for faster evaporation by speeding moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric where it can evaporate quickly. HotSquash's Clever technology whisks away moisture 48% better than a similar competitor, and approximately 10 times better than cotton.

 Dry twice as fast as comparable fabrics.

 Minimise odour with built-in anti-bacteria silver ions.

 Stay thin! The mix of multi-channel and hollow fibres create a lightweight fabric.

 Thrive on low maintenance. 
Our fabrics are easy care. They don't need tumble drying or hot washes and require little ironing.

We believe it is unique; no one offers cotton-touch, on-trend clothes using the technologies we do. The technology we use have been adapted from sports-wear, outdoor-wear and work-wear.

All statistics are approximate.

Thermal Side of our Hidden Technology

HotSquash's temperature controlling technology keeps you Cool or Toasty Warm. This section provides more details on the "thermal" side.

Thermal clothing is always cosy, but it's usually unfashionable (think thermals that your granny used to wear). Our new age ThinHeat®  heat generating clothes use new soft touch fabrics with on-trend designs. We have a whole host of tops (not just a plain tee - though we do that too!) and we believe we have designed the world's first thermal occasion & day dresses, trousers and blazers.

To state the obvious, many of our customers love our clothes as they want to keep warm. We're also trying to do much more. We love wearing layers but we don't like loads of bulky layers where you can't put your coat on or look like a hulk! We believe our on-trend designs help in a new lifestyle where you can look sleek without the bulk! Here's the science:

Keep you twice as warm as wool or cotton.*
Our fabric is inspired by nature, polar bears to be precise! Their fur has hollow-hairs to keep them warm, we mirror this effect with engineered hollow-core fibres that trap air for greater insulation.


All images in this section are from Thermolite ® , a registered trademark of Invista. For illustration purposes only. Fiber shape and content may vary.

Cool & Fresh Side of our Hidden Technology

HotSquash's temperature controlling technology keeps you Cool or Toasty Warm. This section provides more details on the "cooling" side. Our clothes are made from soft, technologically advanced fabrics which includes CoolFresh® .They'll keep you cool and fresh all day long, but most importantly, they'll keep you looking absolutely gorgeous! Please sign up to our email newsletter for more news and promotions.

We promise our CoolFresh® clothes will:

Keep you cool and fresh. *CoolFresh® fabric is a combination of multi-channel and hollow fibres.

The multi-channel fibres keep you cool, while the hollow core fibres react to your body's temperature to take the chill off. The aim is to keep you at a comfortable temperature no matter what you do.