HotSquash Designs for the Busy Woman… 

We’re all used to seeing women in sports-wear dropping their kids off, or popping to the supermarket before exercising; sometimes we’re even one of them. At HotSquash, we produce stylish casual-wear, office-wear & occasion-wear with the same comfort, crease-resistance & temperature-regulating properties as sports-wear, without the daunting Lycra look! If you want to get through the day &/or night looking & feeling your best, then we’ve got the clothes for you.

We make all of our clothes in Britain & always have done; limiting our carbon footprint & supporting the UK economy. We offer flexible hours to parents & work with the Leonard Cheshire Charity, employing people who find it hard to get jobs due to a variety of disabilities. We also offer apprenticeships to teenagers looking to build their career, whilst also getting an educational qualification.

We’re a fashion company, so we want our clothes to look stylish & make the wearer feel fabulous, but we do that in the most ethical & environmentally-friendly way that we can; with your support we will continue to do this for many years to come. 

HotSquash – proud to be a British business.

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(check out the “Science Bit” page for more info on how our fabric works)

P.S. Our Collections are designed and made in the UK. 

P.P.S. We now offer free UK P&P for all orders over £50 and free returns UK only.