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This is your page to let your thoughts about HotSquash be known! We thought you might want to use it to share the different situations and occasions where you wear our clothes and any tips if you have them, but it's up to you. We'd also love you to upload your videos or photos, silly or serious! As a thank you for any feedback, we'll give you 10% off your next order. If you reading this as you are new to HotSquash, then please sign up to our email newsletter to be the first to receive news and offers. 

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Your Thoughts on HotSquash

“I love your stuff! Fab thermal range is toasty AND stylish. Truly ace........I'm loving the waterfall top - I've had loads of comments about it. More choice of colours, please!” (Emma, Cheshire)

“Thanks so much for sending the two wonderful tops ( Waterfall and Easy Elegance ). They dropped through the letterbox on the coldest day of the season and I quickly tried them both on. They are complete perfection – ideal sleeve and body length, beautiful and flatteringly skimming shape and gloriously warm. I was the envy of the restaurant. Whilst my friends huddled in multiple layers of polo-necks and cardigans, I sat serenely in my Waterfall top and earrings taking compliments rather than shivering. Looking forward to seeing more of the collection as you design it.” (Karen, Solihull, 9 February 2012)

"I have at last put The Flatterer in the wash as I can't keep wearing it everyday!" (Lindsay, Hants)

"I washed the top I bought from you and it came out of the washing machine virtually dry!" (Gaby, Hertfordshire)

"The socks are FABULOUS, thanks so much for being so conscientous (Lucinda, Norfolk)

"I am wearing your top as I write, and it's great. I think your smarty pants trousers are FAB, too. Well done." (Rachel Johnson, The Lady Magazine, November 2011)

What you're saying about our Winter collection

"Love the designs and the flattering fit. It gives that extra shot of warmth without looking bulky. I can turn down my heating and wear HotSquash instead." (Tory, Birmingham).

"I've just got the trousers and ruffle front top and wanted to write to say thank you! The designs are really pretty and look great on - even my husband commented on how nice they look!" (Jo, Reading)

"I've washed my HotSquash cardigan a couple of times. On a 30 degree wash it comes out very well, and when I dry it on a clothes horse it is dry within an hour." (Moira, Glasgow)

"I have always suffered from bad circulation in my feet. Finally, I think the socks I bought from you may have helped solve this condition. I am living in them and have just ordered five more pairs." (Fiona, Bournemouth)

"I cycled to work in your trousers the other morning and it tipped it down but they kept me dry. - I even got complimented on them by my boss!" (Angela, London)

What our testers are saying about our Summer collection

"I can't believe there's sports technology in your clothes.......and silver ions for no odour. The fabric feels lovely." (Julia, Manchester)

"Thought that I would just update you....We have made it to Vina del Mar, Argentina, with the loss of one car. The weather has been warm/hot most of the time and my big regret was that I didn't buy more of your vests! I only have one, but it has been great. I have worn it in very sweaty humid conditions and in desert dry heat and it has never has sweat marks on it and somehow never smells! And it doesn't need ironing...arinse in the sink, quick dry and on again the next day!" (Rosie, Cambridgeshire, November 2012)

"Makes the hot tube and train more bearable in summer. Went out for dinner smelling fresh and looking good." (Kat, London).

"Perfect. My top smells good even after I rush around, doesn't need ironing, after a few washes it still looks new. It looks like it will last much longer than other high street stuff. Well worth the price." (Lisa, Kent))

"I'm a working mum and don't have much time to think what to wear in the morning. The dress I got from you is great, I've worn it for work and for my son's parents' evening. It's really easy to accessorise and goes with lots of things already in my wardrobe." (Amanda, Wirral)

"I wore my trousers to the playground with my toddler - they hid the stains from his ice cream fingers so I could wear them for the rest of the day without changing..."(Gabi, London)

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